Site Owner Information (TUTORIALS)

Hi Bev & Brady,

This page is hidden (unlisted) from the public view (viewable if you have the link). It will be updated with additional information you may need to manage the site or contact me for support. I will never share login or confidential info here, but rather links & tutorials you may find helpful to refer to later.

Tutorial (Brady): How to add pictures for the lobby rotating slideshow

Link to the editable google slide deck for pictures (mentioned in the video)

Tutorial: How to Delete a Post

🔥 Adding Emojis to Google Calendar (for Brady)

Brady, if you add emojis to your google calendar titles, it will draw more attention to the schedule on the touchscreen. Bev - you can also use them in your posts 🥒 on this website. I am using the website in this tutorial:

If you want to schedule time with me, you can use my online scheduler.

I'll also add tutorials on this page (and point you back to it if I add one) that address any specific questions you have (to assist you in managing the site on your own), but don't hesitate to reach out if you need me to jump in and handle a specific update or change. You can submit a work request here.

If you want to see more tutorials, here are some others I've created recently for other clients you may find helpful to get up to speed.


Brian Schwartz